Top Essentials for The Perfect Nude Lips


Transcending from a trend to a new classic, nude lips are the perfect way to make a bold, subtle statement. Paired with a smokey eye, nude lips have surfaced as the essence of timeless, beauty and sexy.

Anyone can pull of this gorgeous new look as long as you do it the right way! So here are some of my favorite essentials in prepping and creating the perfect nude lips.


Before any application of any lip product, pamper your lips with Suki 2-Step Ultra-Soft Lip Kit. This is often a forgotten, neglected step that will go a long way in lip wear and creating those perfectly kissable lips. More importantly, nude lips will show dry, cracked skin more so than colored lips.

If using the Suki 2-Step Ultra-Soft Lip Kit, the sugary-sweet exofoliator will help remove rough, dead skin cells while hydrating and nourishing your lips. And directions are as simple as massaging a pea-sized amount of the product onto your lips, rinse, and pat dry. Then complete the process by applying the lip balm to seal and lock in moisture.


Before any lipstick, lipgloss or lip stain application, my staple product is Dior Addict Lip Glow. This beauty enhances the lips and brings out their natural color. An instant natural flush of customized pink tones uniquely adjusts upon application, and revives your lip with a nourished, fresh and full look.


This step is another life changer in creating the perfect pair of nude lips. Concealing your lips will keep help neutralize the natural pink tones of your lips as you prep to apply your shade of nude! Using a shade that is your exact skin tone, conceal your lips and blend the concealer out around your mouth.


My preference, here, is MAC’s Studio Finish SPF 35 Concealer. I use this baby to conceal blemishes, dark circles and define brows, but also to prep for a nude lip. I love this product as it is a lightweight, creamy base that provides an opaque coverage with the added benefit of SPF protection. It easily corrects any skin blemishes, imperfections or uneven skin tones with a matte finish.


Line. Line. Line. Lip lines can easily get ‘lost’ against your skin tone, and lining your lips will be sure to define it. While selecting which liner to use, select one shade darker than your skin tone (but still in the “nude” family). After you’ve lined your lips, an optional step, is to fill your whole lip in with the same liner. This will act as a base for your lip color.


Product Recommendation: I have an obsession over Urban Decay’s 24/7 Glide On Lip Pencil. For a nude lip, my color of choice is Naked or Naked II. This lip pencil is undeniably long-lasting, waterproof and luxciously creamy and moisturizing.

Lip Color

UnknownAll that prep work and we’re finally here! Apply your choice of nude lipstick, and remember to use a moisturizing lipstick. My current staple is MAC’s Viva Glam II Lipstick, which has a pink-beige satin finish (as seen in the first image above).

Tip: Choosing a shade of color for nude lips can be tricky. You don’t want to appear sick or pale, but you don’t want to go too far down the nude palette. Here are some guidelines to keep in mind. Consider your undertone. If you have fair, light skin, think pink. If you have medium skin tones, opt for nude lipstick with peach undertones. If you have dark skin tones, go for milk and dark chocolate nudes.



Last but not least, finish those perfect nude lips with a gloss! I love a plump to my gloss, so I opt for Dior Addict Lip Maximizer. It completes the look with soft, moisturized lips that instantly gives an incredible volume effect for plump, full lips.

So there you go! The perfect nude lips are only steps away! Thank you for reading my post on my top essentials for the perfect nude lips! Stay tuned for the next post on tips and looks for the perfect daring, bold red lip!


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