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Fashionistas! As the seasons are beginning to change, give your wardrobe a new look with Rebagg! Rebagg is an online and mobile platform that specializes in reselling high-end, designer handbags – think Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Hermès, Gucci, and Alexander McQueen! How Does It Work? Simply go to and fill out your info, entering “thefashionhub” in the “referral” field. You’ll […]

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Consignment shopping is within a touch of your phone! With startups changing the way consumers buy ad sell secondhand clothes, tech companies are streamlining the process of buying and selling. This move and shift from e-commerce to what’s being hailed as “m-commerce” offers cash and convenience in exchange. One of the leaders in this space […]

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Fashion Hubbers! Fashion Alert! Angela & Roi would like to introduce the re-launch of their brand with a new business concept, their own handbag label, and redesigned website! Additionally, they would like to share their new ceonpt, the Donate by Color project! The Fashion Hub is loving their products, and new mission and direction! Join […]

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