Models Against Bullying Campaign to Host Lucy’s Love Bus


Photographer: Irena Danilove; Model: Olea Nickitina; Makeup Artist: Janeen Jones; Hair Stylist: Eurayshia Reed, Shi Shi’s Lounge; Designer: Claude Michelle Sanon; Sunglasses: Randolph Engineering

Models Against Bullying Campaign, in collaboration with Emerald Lounge, will be hosting “Lucy’s Love Bus” through a live fashion showcase and runway preview sponsored by Fulgenzio Coppola Image Design Salon. With live performances by Bill Dwyer, and designer showcases by Angelica Timas, Claude Michelle Sanon, Cooper 9 and Kristi Vosbeck, “Lucy’s Love Bus” will be taking place at The Emerald Lounge (200 Stuart Street, Boston, MA 02116) on Wednesday, June 22nd from 7pm-12am.

For those unfamiliar to their cause, Models Against Bullying Campaign consists of fashion and beauty models who have either been bullied or are bullying advocates. Each model shares their story through their campaign, and wants the world to see that models are not perfect. Their purpose is to build a solid statement of how individuals can overcome trauma they faced and strive for the peace that life should bring. Together, The Emerald Lounge, Fulgenzio Coppola Image Design Salon and Models Against Bullying Campaign will bring their campaign’s vision to life through raising funds for “Lucy’s Love Bus” this summer!

Join them and RSVP for free here. If interested as a vendor or contributing gift, please contact Crissy Ford – Latham at


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