How to Create a Fishtail Braid


Fishtail braids are made for summer, and flawlessly brings out an elegant yet effortless touch to traditional braids. This variation is an ethereal, intricate looking hairstyle that may look intimidating to create. But it’s easy to master with these few steps.

Producer Shelley Lawrence, Photographer Chris Ross Leong, Model Pernille Søe, Hair & Makeup Artist Amanda Robbins, Stylist and Designer Expression by Jennifer Chen

In a rush for the morning but need an elaborate look? The fishtail braid look may become a new favorite for you! Here is a step-by-step on how to create fishtail braids.

Photographer Shelley Lawrence, Model Pernille Søe, HMUA Amanda Robbins

Create a Ponytail. To begin, gather your hair into a low ponytail.

Divide Your Ponytail. Split your ponytail evenly into two sections. Unlike the classic braid, a fishtail braid only requires two sections.

Begin Weaving. Use your finger to separate a small section of your hair from the outer edge near the elastic band and cross it over to the opposite side. Overlap just like you would if you were doing a standard braid. Still holding two sections, repeat with a small section from the other side. Continue to do this all the way down to your ends. Be sure to pull small sections from underneath to cross over and try to grab the same size sections from each side.

Finish Your Look. Once you have finished braiding at the end of the braids, secure the fishtail braid with another elastic. Remove the elastic at the base of your ponytail. Finish your fishtail braid by gently tugging on your braid with your fingers (this will loosen it for an effortless look).


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