Welcome to The Fashion Hub! My name is Jennifer Chen, Founder & Fashion/Beauty Blogger of The Fashion Hub!

Have you been searching the web for that one stop shop for all your fashion and beauty feeds, indulgences, tips/reviews, castings, and/or local fashion talent/stores?! Then The Fashion Hub will be your new addiction and destination!

I started The Fashion Hub when I was in college, and loved fashion…but was so tired of surfing the web to gather information on the latest trends, fashion events/casting calls, and the works. So The Fashion Hub had its first start on Facebook, where group members could share and connect with each other on local fashion events, casting calls, promotions and sales! The popularity of this group gradually blossomed into an interactive part of the local Boston fashion community! On the daily basis, group members would share their own fashion castings, new opportunities and events, and promotions. As it continued to grow, I started The Fashion Hub blog to highlight and organize castings, events, and promotions that were shared by our members.

Since then, The Fashion Hub has become a platform that updates our ‘Fashion Hubbers’ on the latest  fashion and beauty events, castings, reviews, promotions and features on local fashion talent and entrepreneurs. With an additional presence on Facebook and Twitter, The Fashion Hub blog now integrates content across all its social media platforms in order to provide its fashion enthusiasts the optimal experience and fashion updates!

On the weekly basis, I share several posts on beauty tips/reviews/giveaways, fashion castings/opportunities,  features on local talent/stores, and  trends/reviews from fashion shows and events! A lot to take in, I know! But no worries! With the new setup of The Fashion Hub website, I have bucketed everything in six categories: Beauty, Trends & Styles, Events & Runway, Opportunities, Shopaholic’s Guide, and Features!

BEAUTY – For those who are interested in The Fashion Hub’s hottest picks for skincare and cosmetic products to those who are interested in the trending colors and talks in the world of beauty, this category is your new indulgence!

TRENDS & STYLES – For those who are interested in local and international fashion trends and buys, this category is your guilty pleasure!

EVENTS & RUNWAY – For those who are interested in upcoming fashion events to attend to those who are interested in The Fashion Hub’s event and runway coverage, this category is one that you simply cannot miss!

OPPORTUNITIES – For those who are interested in fashion/beauty castings, internships, and collaborative initiatives, this category is one to bookmark and favorite!

SHOPAHOLIC’S GUIDE – For those who are interested shopaholics or for those who love discounts and sales, this category is your guide to for new buys, new discounts, and new sales that you cannot miss!

FEATURES – For those who are interested in The Fashion Hub’s features on up-and-coming or new boutiques, models, designers, photographers, fashion entrepreneurs, etc to look out for, this category is one to mark as a must read!

So regardless of what you love and want to discover, there is a category for YOU! If not, I would love to hear what you want to read about and what you are looking for! The Fashion Hub isn’t just a place for me to post and share with my fellow fashion enthusiasts, but also a place for YOU to share with me and our readers what you love and what your thoughts are!

If you have a casting call, opportunity, event or feature that you would like to contact me about, don’t hesitate! Just email me at info@thefashionhub.org, and I’m all ears!

  1. sarah erlich May 2, 2013

    Would love to be a part of the Fahion Hub !!! Are there any jobs or volunteer?

    1. Jennifer Chen May 12, 2013

      Sarah, contact me at info@thefashionhub.org and we can discuss further!



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